What People Say


“This experience was excellent! Transformational! I am making progress in my fitness and feeling really good about myself. I’m finding out that I’m stronger than I knew. I like the variety of workouts and the meetings help me stay grounded. Thank you for an incredibly great class.” — Kathaleen Reid

“Excellent. This program has taught me how important it is for me to connect with my body-my physical self-in order to be whole. I’m beginning to think of myself in more positive ways. I’ve learned that I am capable, strong and enough. I love the workouts! I’ve gotten stronger and I’m running further. The meetings are good, I like hearing how others are using the tools and what they’re experiencing. I’m getting better at recognizing true hunger vs cravings (learning to feel feelings instead of eat over them). The differences I’ve seen in myself over the past year have been amazing! I’ve never felt so balanced before.” — Michelle Ortiz

“I have really gotten a lot out of the program. I’ve become much more in touch with my body and am better at listening. Greatly improved my level of self acceptance. I really enjoyed the sharing at meetings, it reinforced what I’m learning and was very supportive. I learned to stop and breathe rather than stress and eat.” — Cheryl Mahoney

“This program has allowed me to reconnect with my inner self. It has empowered me to push myself but listen and honor myself. My attitude, body, endurance and mental health have increased positively.” — Gilbert Hernandez

“I thoroughly enjoyed the journey back to myself. I connected with myself and found more peace. Thank you, it’s been great.” — Norma Minas

“It has been wonderful-eye opening and soul expanding.” — Rebecca Davis

purpledancing_000“Excellent-deep, true, just what I needed. Deepened my awareness of my body.” — Rene Wood

“A definite 10. This class exceeded my expectations. I felt safe in this group. My blood pressure improved immensely. I tried so many ways to lower my blood pressure and nothing worked until I took this class.” — Caroline Dunlop

“The experience was excellent! Better ways to cope with emotional eating.” — Donna Hipkins

“Excellent. I am more conscious about food choices. I eat half as much and take food home when eating out-by choice!” —Wendy Gibson

“I’ve learned to love myself. Great class for anyone seeking inner growth and peace.” —Terrie Walsh

“Body, mind, energy connection. I gained better cardio health which allows my body to be freer and cleaner, which allows for a freer and clearer mind” — Kristen Franz

“I am more conscious about my food choices. I eat half as much and take food home when eating out. By choice!” — Wendy Gibson