More About Fitness Inside & Out

Fitness Inside & Out makes exercise fun so you get engaged in the process and it becomes something you enjoy and want to keep doing. What truly sets this program apart is not only the unique approach to exercise, but you also learn tools that help you cope with stress and other emotions that have caused you to overeat. As a result, your body and all parts of your life get in shape, and the change is permanent.

Who Can Benefit From the Fitness Inside & Out Program?

Whether you’re someone who already has an exercise program and has reached a plateau, someone who wants to learn more about how to get results from your workout, someone who just prefers the structure, support and camaraderie of a group, an experienced athlete who wants to improve, someone who is just getting off the couch, or having trouble sticking with it on your own, Fitness Inside & Out meets you right where you are. In addition to physical fitness training, this program equips you with the tools that help you make healthy eating and regular exercise a way of life.

What will the first 3 weeks of my experience be like?

Balanced Eating

If you’ve been exercising regularly you can expect a training program that will help you accomplish your new goals. If you’re just getting started you’ll be acclimating to the activity of walking and/or running, learning about good body mechanics, the best intensity level for you to work at, beginning strength training, and using the tools that help you easily choose balanced eating. Most people begin to see results within the first 2-3 weeks.

Take Sheila, for example, who after getting started really enjoyed the workouts and the way she felt afterward. The coaching, instruction and supportive environment helped her feel confident about what to do and comfortable working at her pace. She appreciated the camaraderie and teamwork, found that she learned a lot from others in the weekly support meetings, was able to talk about her successes and get help with her challenges.

The support and guidance helped her move beyond the pitfalls that had derailed her in the past. When she encountered stressful situations at home and work she was able to use the tools she had learned instead of falling back into old patterns of overeating and skipping exercise. She started noticing changes in her body, her clothes were becoming looser and she felt stronger during workouts. She was thrilled to be experiencing the benefits of her new lifestyle.

Why is the Program 8 Weeks?

8 weeks gives you enough time to incorporate the tools into your lifestyle and if you haven’t been exercising lets you get in shape and complete a 5K event, which helps you become stronger and more confident in all areas.

What is the formula for achieving results?

Being open to learning a new way of thinking, a very practical approach that will bring you permanent change and the results you desire.

What is the range of results I might expect?

You can expect to enjoy having exercise become a regular part of your lifestyle and learn to choose balanced eating most of the time. You’ll lose weight and gain a greater sense of confidence and well being. You’ll get in shape both inside and out.